Welcome to the world of shall!

shall is a band from Germany.
Founded in 2013, they have evolved their very own style of rock music.
It's not always possible to assing their music to one single genre. But this is for certain:
That's Rock. Something new! They rock!



Max (Bass)


Jupp (Drums)

Malte Jaurich (shall)

Malte (Vocs, Git)


Uwe (Git)



In 2012, the idea of shall began to grow in Malte's head. Very soon after Jupp and Malte started it up, they wrote and recorded songs (like "Manpower" and"Alles im Griff").

Afterwards Uwe joined, and finally Max came aboard in spring 2014 - that's when shall was born in its original and indeed current line-up.

Since then the four stick together - they really love what they're doing and they have lot of fun together. A lot of fun. A perfect reason for... ROCK AND ROLL!

By the way - the name shall has nothing to do with its English meaning.
It's pronounced like the German word "Schall". "Schall" can mean "sound" or "acoustic noise". In addition, the letters "SHA" are used as the prefix of car number plates in the band's homebase of Schwäbisch Hall, near Stuttgart (South-west Germany). And last but not least - you only have to break the letters "Mar" off your amp to have "shall"!



shall create and play their own style of rock music. It's very diverse.
There are songs  that come in brutal and heavy, others are melodious and melancholic, sometimes almost pop, or even psychedelic.
People have said, for example, that the song "20 Makk" sounds like a cross between Kyuss and  Motörhead.

The lyrics are mostly written in German, and shouted. Or rapped. Sometimes sung. Screamed. Or ... whatever goes! Malte's unique vocal talents keep all these diverse elements together. And sometimes not together.



True music.
Playing gigs.
Maybe global dominance.
Maybe later.